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Our Family Album

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Taya, Sean and Ryan
Barbara, Katrina, Taya & Brandon
Our Daughter Cora
Taya & Cora
Left to right: Scott, Taya and Brandon
Cora & Taya picking apples
Katrina and AJ
Bob & Candi
Bob, Cora & Taya
Aspen and Taya
Francisco & Leanardo
Alma, Paul, Reyna and Maria
My Daughter Barbara
My Daughter Cora
Todd, Ryan, Sean & Marie
Ryan, Deiago & Sean with Summer
Aspen My Grandaughter
Taya my Grandaughter
Cora, Taya &  Bob
Danny, Francisco, Frank & Leonardo
Taya & Scott her oldest brother
Mario my wife's brother & his daughter
Marie, Todd, Reyna, Ryan & Sean
Marie, my wife's mom with Jose her grandson & great grandaughter
Jose & Family
Alma my wife's sister and her husband Elio
Mario my wife's brother's family
Candi my daughter & her daughter Aspen my grandaughter
Anthony, Diego and Yolany
Joey & Barbara My Daughter
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