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Candida and I have been traveling since 1995. First with a tag along Travel Trailer and now a 5th wheel. We have traveled to many different places in the country and hope to continue doing so.

As a couple we have shared our dreams, trials and hopes for the future. Candida was a widow when we meet and I was divorced. Though our children were grown, it was challenging integrating the two families. We have been successful in doing so, and now enjoy not only our children but all our grandchildren.

Candida completed one of her life long dreams while traveling. She wrote and had published a book titled "Secrets of Forbidden Love or Sacred Vows"  in both English or Spanish. Writing these book took a lot of courage on her part and one must read them to understand why.

More information is available on Candida's book page.

You will also find many useful tools as links on our travel page. We truly hope that you will find these links helpful in planing your own trips and adventures.

As we have traveled across the country, we have seen many wonderful sights and have made many new friends.

Now please browse through our site and use our links to plan your own adventure.
Our Solitude
Our Solitude
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